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A Future for Everyone


What are you really interested in? What do you like to do on your free time? Is there some kind of career your thinking about doing, but have no idea how to do it? This three questions are basic to help people discover what they want to do. The idea of going to college as a high school student is horrifying yet intriguing, it’s a understanding that this decision can make a huge difference in life, which is why it’s scary. You want to know what you’re planning to do should be not only educational but fun.

Sample Problem

So let’s say Alex is having a hard time deciding what he wants to do for the future but he has a few ideas. His three top choices of future careers are A firefighter, a race car driver, and a History teacher. He likes the idea of saving people as a firefighter but doesn’t like the hardwork but is willing to do it. He always wanted to be a race car driver since he was a kid but doesn’t know how to drive. Alex recently started thinking about being a History teacher because he’s really good at the class but he doesn’t really want to be in school again. Which Career should Alex go for?

None of these are a good option

Just a firefighter

Just a race car driver

Just a teacher

Firefighter or Race car Driver


See Alex likes the race car driving, the History class, and the idea of saving people, but the difference between the correct careers and the wrong one is a little fact. Alex likes the idea of being a hero and saving people and is willing to change is work ethic to become a firefighter, but his young dream of being a race car driver isn’t dead yet, because he can easily learn to drive and can easily work with little races till he gets to the big ones, but it will be difficult to become a famous driver but if he is willing to change his work ethic he can do it. Now the reason why a teacher is a bad career choice for Alex is because of his dislike of going back to school, in order to become a teacher he must at least get a bachelors degree is some form of history which is 4 years of school which Alex does not want, but both the other careers don’t have to be achieved by education and schooling. If Alex went to a counselor about his problem it could’ve been easily solved.

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