Adhd stigmatized as Hysteria

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Adhd stigmatized as Hysteria


ADHD is known as attention defective hyperactive disorder. Many people believe that this is not a neurological disorder, but someone stigmatizing this disorder as hysteria. Many people that are not educated in ADHD make assumptions that lead to the stigmatization of the individual being lazy,careless,and not disciplined.

Sample Problem

Question source

If ADHD continues to become stigmatize as a non neurological disorder. This can lead to learned helplessness to the peers, spouses, parents. They may assume that the person is purposefully continuing behavior that is non normative compared to a non ADHD patient. This can lead to catastrophe relationships in places such as: work, marriage, friends. This can also lead to negative stigmatization as shown in the article In the article “Sedated Haze: A Humble Argument to Curb ADHD Stimulant Prescription in the United States” The article proposes that ADHD is a diagnosis to make the Pharmaceutical companies wealthier and criticizes the symptoms as a “joke” in the article. Which choice best summarizes the passage described?

Adhd can lead to learned helpless and cause impairments in relationships

Adhd is a disorder that makes Pharmaceutical Companies Wealthier

Adhd is a neurological disorder that leads to stigmatization such as being hysteria and misinformation can lead to negative relationships for both the patient and peer.

Adhd is a neurological disorder caused by low dopamine, leading to symptoms


1.) Read the passage first and then read the question that is asked.

It asks Which choice best summarizes the passage described?

2.) Write down the important information and compare it the the choices given
The First paragraph in the second sentence Adhd as being stigmatized as Hysteria

The second Paragraph in sentence two relates how Adhd can cause Learned Helplessness.
Make sure you know your Psychology and Sociology terms,and how to apply them in the MCAT.

3.) Compare the answer choices, and choose the best fit
#3 can be scatched off because it has no relavence to the passage.
#2,#1 Bring relevant information from the passage, but it does not summarize it completely
#4 Summarizes the passage with best fit

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