Algebra 1: Sample Problem 2

Algebra 1 Tutorial

Algebra 1: Sample Problem 2


A similar problem to the first one, but with different known values.
A key concept in algebra is using explicit information to determine implicit information, and solving for the unknown from there.

Sample Problem

A Baseball bat and glove cost 260 total.
The bat costs 200 more than the glove.
How much does the glove cost?


Often times people get confused by the information presented in the problem. Here, one might jump to the conclusion that 200 + 60, therefore the glove costs 60; however, this is incorrect. This does not satisfy the condition that the bat costs 200 more than the glove. The common mistake is that the bat is taken to explicitly cost 200, when its cost isn’t actually explicit at all.

Before proceeding, reconsider the question in this way:
let x be the cost of the the glove,
such that y, the cost of the bat is equal to 200 plus (more than) x.

Finally, we can obtain the answer by substituting as follows:
x + y = 260
x + (x + 200) = 260
2x = 60
x = 30

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