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All Degrees Matter


Ever wonder why you should go to college? Feeling overwhelmed on what degree to obtain? I changed degrees three times and I’m so glad that I did. I’m here to pass on my knowledge and experience to those of you who are struggling with what to become and how to go about doing that.

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College at any degree level is ALWAYS a good thing. As I mentioned before, I changed my degree three times, starting with Business then changing to psychology and ending up with a law degree. All of these three degrees, business, psychology and law, have helped me land some very successful jobs. The main reason is that I could show my prospective employers that I could finish a degree, even though I changed it several times, because prospective employers like to see finalization of something. A college degree is always, always a good thing. Even if your degree doesn’t match your chosen field in the end, you have shown dedication, perseverance, and loyalty. Prospective employers love these qualities and by obtained a college degree you can show those qualities.


In conclusion, don’t get stuck on the, “what degree should I obtain?” rather focus on at least taking some college courses and it will come to you as you proceed about what degree you should end up with. I have an Associates Degree in Business, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a law degree. I kind of circled the mountain a few times before landing on my chosen field. With this background, I can demonstrate to prospective employers that I have a well-rounded knowledge of several important fields and can contribute to their business in those several arenas. I worked for a crisis center for a year and also worked in the public school system educating the children on social issues. The employer that hired me was so impressed with my background and that I had a law degree that she promoted me within months to be a legal consultant and writer for her business. This example shows that my dedication to finishing my degrees, even though I changed my mind several times, didn’t exactly land me a job as a lawyer, but it was pretty close and I had a great career opportunity because of my college background. Anytime, you can put a certification, a degree or even a diploma on your resume, you are leaps and bounds ahead of the game already when a prospective employer reviews your credentials!

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