Alphabet Français (Alfa-bey fron-say) – French Alphabet

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Alphabet Français (Alfa-bey fron-say) - French Alphabet


As opposed to German where we have 27 characters, French Alphabet has 26 letters just like in English. They are written the same, but worded out differently:

Sample Problem

A.                        B.                       C.                    D. 
E.                        F.                       G.                    H.          
I.                        J.                       K.                    L. 
M.                        N.                       O.                    P.     
Q.                        R.                       S.                    T.  
U.                        V.                       W.                    X.  
Y.                        Z. 


Ah!                    Bey!                       Say!                  Day!
Ow!(British accent).   Aef!                       Ggeh!(easy on 'g')!   Ash!
Eeh!                   Ggee (easy on 'g')!        Kah!                  El!
Em!                    Ehn!                       Oh!                   Pay!
Queue!                 Airrrr (from throat)!      Ess!                  Tay!
Eoww!                  Vheh!                      Dubl-Vheh!            Eks!
Egraek!                Zaehd!              

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