-are Verb Present Tense Conjugation

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-are Verb Present Tense Conjugation


In Italian, there are three main conjugation groups: -are, -ere, and -ire. The first of these, -are, is very common. Some examples include: giocare (to play), studiare (to study), and pagare (to pay). There are six forms for -are in the present tense.

io (first person, singular: I)
tu (second person, singular: You)
Lei, lei/lui (formal tu/third person singular: You, She/He)
noi (first person, plural: We)
voi (second person, plural: You)
loro (third person, plural: They)

Conjugation for studiare:
io – studio
tu – studi
Lei, lei/lui – studia
noi – studiamo
voi – studiate
loro – studiano

Conjugation for giocare: an h is required in the tu and noi forms to maintain a hard c sound
io – gioco
tu – giochi
Lei, lei/lui – gioca
noi – giochiamo
voi – giocate
loro – giocano

Conjugation for pagare: an h is required in the tu and noi forms to maintain a hard g sound
io – pago
tu – paghi
Lei, lei/lui – paga
noi – paghiamo
voi – pagate
loro – pagano

Sample Problem

1. Io _____ (cantare) con un gruppo.
2. Noi _______ (giocare) a tennis a lunedi.
3. Tu _______ (pagare) il conto oggi.


1. Io _____ (cantare) con un gruppo.
First, identify the subject. In this case, io. The verb cantare does not require any added h’s, so we can use the normal conjugation pattern. For -are, the io form is -o. Therefore, the solution is canto.

2. Noi _______ (giocare) a tennis a lunedi.
The subject in this sentence is noi. Because giocare requires an h in its noi form we add it to the -iamo conjugation. The answer is giochiamo.

3. Tu _______ (pagare) il conto oggi.
This sentence’s subject is tu. Pagare is a verb that requires an h in the tu form. The tu ending for -are is -i, but pagare needs an h so it is -hi. The answer is then paghi.

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