Basic Algebra Problem

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Basic Algebra Problem


You and 6 friends want to get ice cream. A single scoop is $1 and a double scoop is $2. You and your friends decide to put all your money together and want to see if you can all get a double scoop.

Sample Problem

You have $2, two of your friends have $3, and the other 4 friends all have $1.75 each. How much money does their combined money make? Does their combined money make enough to get everyone a double scoop, do they have any money left over? If they do or do not, explain your answer.


You and 6 friends make 7 people total. 7 double scoops costs $14. Your $2 plus your 2 friends’ $3 each makes $8, plus 4 friends $1.75 each makes…

Equation: 2 + (2 x 3) + (4 x 1.75) = __

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