Basic FOIL equations

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Basic FOIL equations


An equation with two grouped parenthesis needing to be in grouped into a basic polynomial can be solved using a FOIL method. The method stands for ‘first, outside, inside, last’

Sample Problem



Now by using the FOIL method, you would take the first two variables (2x and x) and multiply them. This gets you 2x^2. Next, you take the two outside numbers (2x and 6) and multiply them. Resulting in 12x. Then, take the two inside numbers (2 and x), multiply them, and you get 2x. And lastly, you take the remaining last numbers (2 and 6) and multiply them. This leaves you with 2x^2+12x+2x+12. This can be simplified into 2x^2+14x+12. And you are left with a simplified, unFOILed, algebraic equation.

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