Basic Grammar and spelling rules of the English Language

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Basic Grammar and spelling rules of the English Language


Hello, in this lesson I will be helping to clarify and introduce some grammar issues and common mistakes in English. This will NOT be a lesson on understanding modern slang.

Sample Problem

Mary was a little girl who had three sheeps. All three of the sheeps we’re grazing in the feild, when all there wool was blowed away by the wind.


Now, some of these may seem very obvious, and I will be glad to break down each one.

1. The first error is the word “sheeps.” This would commonly be thought of as the plural of “sheep.” In fact, sheep by itself is both singular and plural, meaning it can refer to a single sheep, or a group of sheep.

2. The second error we can find is “we’re” in the second sentence. “We’re” is a contraction of two words: “We” and “Are,” whereas the correct word in this case is “were,” which is often seen and used as past tense, and often is used to replace “was” in certain sentences.

3. A common misspell, we can find the word “feild” in the second sentence. A good rule to remember that this is incorrect is “I before E, except after C, like in Ceiling.” The correct spelling is “Field”

4. the fourth error is in the second sentence as well, and it’s the incorrect use of the word “there.” This word is pronounced the same way, but has three different spellings: There, to show direction or placement; They’re, a contraction of They and Are; and Their, to show possession or ownership. The correct word to use would be “Their,” as the wool belongs to the sheep.

5. The final error is the word “blowed.” This is not a word in English, and the correct form of the past tense of “blow” is “blew.”

So, let’s rewrite the sentence:

Mary was a little girl who had three sheep. All three of the sheep were grazing in the field, when all their wool was blown away by the wind.

There, isn’t that much better?

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