Being creative yet concise

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Being creative yet concise


When writing creative pieces, it is easy to get wrapped up in the beauty of words. Teachers and professors often encourage students to add descriptions, created imagery that captures readers’ attention, and practice such techniques as simile and metaphor to create sentences that evoke feeling and emotion. However, all of these techniques can quickly turn a piece into a long-winded piece that could benefit from being cut down in some places. Therefore, it is crucial to learn how to choose the very best words and wisdoms to be used, rather than trying to fit every beautiful line into a piece. In this instance, though the first sentence (sample problem) is poetic and enjoyable to read, if an entire piece were to be written in this over-the-top form it would be too much stimulation.

Sample Problem

The crisp, autumn air whipped wildly through the weeping willows, sending their long, dripping tendrils spinning and spiraling like the tentacles of an octopus grasping out from the darkness of the ocean depths.


Like tentacles grasping out from the ocean’s depths, a crisp, autumn wind sent the tendrils of weeping willows spinning.

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