Bezeihungen (Beh-tsah-e-hungn) – Relations: Part 1.

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Bezeihungen (Beh-tsah-e-hungn) - Relations: Part 1.


Greetings: Today we are learning “menschenliche bezeihungen” (men-sch-lee-scheh Beh-tsah-e-hungn) or human relations. In the part 1 we will talk about love. Love is said in German as “Liebe” (Lee-beh). The word Liebe is feminine so you say “die liebe/ eine liebe” love/ a love. Generally people love. “People” in German is “menschen”. The opposite of Love is Hatred. Hatred is said in German as “Hass/ ein hass” (hah-ss/ayn Hah-ss). So let talk about love.

Sample Problem

I love you:
I miss you:
In the polite form you can say…

Now let talk about several things involving love: Marriage.
The groom, the bride, the tuxedo, the gown, the bouquet, the wedding, marriage, the man, the woman, love, God, Holy, husband, wife, honeymoon.


Ich liebe dich (eesh-lee-beh-dish).
Ich vermisse dich (eesh-faer-mee-seh-dish).
In the polite form you can say “Ich liebe Sie”, “Ich vermisse Sie”.

The Groom: Der verlobte/Ehemann (daer-faer-lobteh/eh-heh-mahn).
The Bride: Die Braut (D- Brah-uht).
The tuxedo: Das Kostüm (thas Kohs-tewm).
The gown: Das Kleid (thas klah-eed).
The bouquet: Der Blumenstrauß (Daer-blumen-sch-trah-uhs).
The wedding: Die Zeremonie (D-tsay-ray-monie).
Marriage: Hochzeit (Hoh-h-tseit).
The man: Der Mann (Daer-mahn)
The woman: Die Frau (D-Frah-uh)
Love: Liebe (Lee-beh)
God: Gott (Goht)
Holy: Heilige (Hae-lee-geh)
Husband: Ehemann (Eh-heh-mahn)
Wife: Frau (frah-uh)
The honeymoon: Die Flitterwochen (D-fleeter-vohen).

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