Billboards and Social Media

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Billboards and Social Media


The following assignment received a score of 100, for Marketing. Writing is an open-book.

Sample Problem

Part 1: Try to remember the billboards on your commute to work or school. How many do you think there are? Explain why you remembered any of them. Next time you are on that route, note how many billboards there actually are. Are they effective?
Part 2–You’ve been asked to create a new social media networking site. What would you name the site and what would you suggest to make it better than existing sites?


Billboards and Social Media
There are many ways to advertise a business and its credentials. The most common ways to advertise are through newspaper, television, and radio. Many people who travel often may miss out on commercials and newspaper reading. One other way to advertise is through the usage of billboards. Billboards are most common on the highway where thousands of people drive every day. Billboards are big boards of advertisement that are rented weekly or monthly by many different businesses. The following information describes billboard experiences and the effectiveness of their use.
I myself do not have a job at the moment, nor do I have to drive to school. However, I have made many long travels among the highway where I have seen more than a dozen billboards. The main highway I have driven on is I-20 in Texas. There are three main types of billboards that are very effective for the specific businesses they represent. The first type is a Conoco gas services throughout this highway, this is a very common gas service with decent highway prices. The second type is food offering billboards, some show a mixture of food places for the next exit, or an approaching exit. The third type is motel/hotel billboards that let people know there are places to sleep if they need to stop.
These billboards are effective because traveling along the highway leaves people in need of gas for their vehicles, food because we have to eat and drink to survive, and a place to rest overnight for long distance traveling. Billboards are a very effective way for businesses to draw attention to potential consumers. Having billboards with a good sized font and legible print is a plus for safe viewing while driving. Something simple yet eye-catching might be a good method for a billboard.
Billboards vary and change from time to time when other businesses rent them out for a week or more. They are definitely important among the highways because there are people traveling constantly in need of gas, food, a place to stop and rest, or shopping in general. Billboard marketing promotion helps businesses to boost sales and the consumer does not have to access anything, just view and drive to the business itself. It is also essential and an extensive way for local businesses to be more recognize inside of towns as well as outside.
Part 2:
New Social Media Idea
Beginning a new social media site can be crucial, yet very useful. There are many sites that offer certain abilities to people. Facebook offers chatting and finding people you know to keep in contact with them, as well as fun games to play, and businesses to advertise and connect to consumers. Amazon allows people to purchase good quality items for a lesser price than the actual business that sells the items. Ebay allows people to sell their used items for bidding prices or their own prices, like a trading company. The following information is based off of a new perspective to mix a new combination for businesses and people to do all of the above.
The name of my social media networking site is called Diagrams. I chose this name because the Diagrams represent the eight main elements of the world. For me this means each part is essential to the Earth’s survival. The world is full of diversities, cultures, and history, and would be well represented through the name Diagrams. I would like for people of all ethnic backgrounds to feel welcomed to this social media website. This site will not only allow people to communicate with others, but it is a mixture of Facebook, Ebay, and Amazon, all in one.
The new social media website includes chatting capabilities, instant messages and alerts, and the ability to post pictures just as some others social media sites. It will also include extended safety procedures, more options to choose from, and high quality security checks. Then, it will allow companies to offer their products at reduce prices, trade items for better ones, and mingle with consumers both nationwide and international. There are live chats and IT techs available at all times for those who need questions answered or issues resolved for the site. There are also a series of frequently asked questions that will be sure to match more needs as compared to other sites. Some sites do not always include questions good enough in their FAQ and it leaves people with unanswered questions. The instant message alerts will notify users of new posts, updates, sales, or security issues on their accounts. An encrypted way to log in or captcha will be on the website for an extra protection caution from robots, spammers, or hackers.
This is the site for all businesses to attach their advertisements, and merchandise to, allowing them to make sales through Diagrams, reaching more consumers. I will attempt to make it easier for existing public businesses or private businesses to promote their work online as they try to reach a more broadband of consumers. I will insure an application is available for businesses small or large to connect to my site as well as their consumers through mobile phones tablets, and computers, as well as view the website. The ability for customers to shop right from the media site and accept ALL forms of payment will be added for people ranging from America to China; the place of residence will not matter. It is also important to insure that the media site is in the form of HTML so that it will be able to be viewed over several different platforms of technology. It will be a good idea to add a directory of every business connected to the site with quick links that allow people to view them. There will be an option of a basic Photoshop editing for those who want to change their pictures to show off their business more. Only links that are verified through the company’s site will be allowed to be loaded and viewed by others.

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