Bon Voyage Kim – A Math Word Problem

Elementary Math (K-6th) Tutorial

Bon Voyage Kim - A Math Word Problem


Kim is planning a cross-country bike trip. Help Kim anticipate the time and cost for her trip by answering the math word problem listed below.

Sample Problem

Kim is planning a bike trip across country from Kalispell, Montana to Chicago, Illinois, a total distance of 1,603 miles. Her cost for lodging is $10.00 per day; Kim’s cost for bike repairs and incidentals is $5.34. Kim anticipates she can travel on her bike 7 miles per day.

1. What is Kim’s anticipated total cost?
2. How long will it take for Kim to complete her journey?


If Kim’s anticipated cost is $10.00 cost for lodging/day +$5.34 cost for bike repairs and incidentals/day= $15.34 is Kim’s total cost/day
Distance: If total distance of the trip is 1,603 miles, and Kim can travel 7 miles/day, then 1,603 miles/7 miles per day =total days for the trip: 229 days

and Kim’s total cost per trip is 229 days x $15.34 cost per day = $3,512.86 total cost.

Tip: Make sure you correctly word the problem to get your desired answer.

Notice in the equation 1,603 miles/7 miles per day, miles in the denominator and numerator cancel each other out and the resulting answer gives you total days, 229.

And in the equation 229 days x $15.34 cost per days, days in the numerator and denominator cancels each other out and what you are left with is total cost $3,512.86.

Bon Voyage Kim !!!!!!

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