Calculus Integration

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Calculus Integration


Calculus is how different things vary with respect to one another. There are two main components, differentiation and integration. We will do an integration problem here.

Sample Problem

The problem is “solve the integral of Ln (x) ^2”


Integration by substitution is highly unlikely to be effective in this case. Hence, let’s try integration by parts, setting f(x)=Ln (x)^2 and g(x)=1
Then, the integral becomes xLn (x)^2 minus the integral of x times 1/x times 2Lnx dx. Then we do integration by parts once again, with f(x)=lnx and g(x)=1 and the ultimate answer is xLn (x)^2-2xLn (x)+2x+C, where C is an arbitrary constant.

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