Choosing a Major


When deciding the college a student wants to attend, a big factor is what majors they offer. When looking a long list of offered major, students can feel overwhelmed and think that they have to choose a major when they start college.

Sample Problem

With the rise of technology jobs and at home jobs, are students needed to choose a major that goes along with those trends? Can a student choose a major that they enjoy; even if the job outcomes aren’t the most profitable?


1. Identify with what you want to study.
– In middle and high school, did you enjoy science classes or history classes?
2. Understand that any major you choose is because you want to study it.
– Don’t let peer pressure or family pressure choose your major for you. You’re the one studying and taking classes for that major.
3. Don’t be discouraged if the job outcome for your major isn’t as profitable as you expected it to be.
4. At the end of the day, enjoy what you’re studying and make the decision on your happiness.

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