Choosing Who or Whom

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Choosing Who or Whom


“Who” and “whom” are pronouns used to replace nouns either in questions or in relative clauses (subordinate clauses that describe nouns). It can be difficult to choose which to use in a sentence. Just remember, “who” is the subject form (WHO was at the party?) and “whom” is the object form (To WHOM should I give the report?).

Since questions can make the choice particularly difficult, use this easy trick: turn the question into a statement using other pronouns like “he/him.” For example, change “Did the man who/whom is wearing a hat steal your package?” to “He stole your package.” Since “he” is a subject pronoun, choose the subject form “who.” Your answer is “Did the man WHO is wearing a hat steal your package.”

The wording may sound old-fashioned, but trust me – the people reading your resumes, cover letters, professional e-mails, and work reports down the road will appreciate your attention to these details.

Sample Problem

Choose “who” or “whom.”

1. WHO/WHOM is your favorite contestant on that new TV show?

2. With WHO/WHOM do you want to speak?

3. The new student, WHO/WHOM plays on the baseball team, is coming over tonight.

4. WHO/WHOM went out last weekend with WHO/WHOM?

5. Cara, with WHO/WHOM I did my biology project, is moving away next year.


1. Who
2. Whom
3. Who
4. Who, Whom
5. Whom

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