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Close Reading Strategies Starter


Steps to begin instruction in Close Reading

What is close reading?
Close reading is a reading strategy used in English Language Arts and literature study classes that guides the reader into an in depth study of a text. Close reading includes locating and defining important details and patterns that allow the reader to analyze the authors use of form, craft, and meaning. This is an important part of literature study in English Language Arts Common Core K-12 standards.

Sample Problem

To begin a student(s) with becoming accustomed to close reading, start with the following few steps, making sure that the student in comprehending the questions, and that he or she learns to find the answers AND explanations for the responses given.

1. Determine what you believe is the message or important meaning of the text. Many other activities can be focused on from this point as you progress in your close study of the text.
2. Create some effective open-ended questions to draw your reader into the ability to effectively state his or her understanding of the key ideas of the text. Ask for explanations in writing.
3. Locate critical vocabulary and define word meanings in context. Guide your learners through interpretations of word meanings in context.
4. Know your literary devices and figurative language. Find some examples of both that contribute strongly to the meaning of the text and that allow the reader a heightened or further in depth comprehension of the text and the authors purpose.


From here, you can move into items such as syntax, transitions, plot and character analysis, review of the author and other works, and summaries. Additional work then leads to the ability to write a critical analysis essay of a text.

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