Cognates are words in two languages that have a common origin or etymology and are similar or identical. A cognate is an easy word to remember because it looks and means the same thing in Spanish as a word you already know in English.
Examples of cognates:
English Spanish
actor actor
animal animal
balance balance
base base

Some words in English become Spanish words if you change them very slightly:
If a word ends in “tion”, change the “t” to “c”.
English Spanish
nation nación
invitation invitación

If a word ends in “ist”, add letter “a”.
English Spanish
list lista
artist artista

If a word ends in “ous”, change to “oso”
English Spanish
famous famoso
delicious delicioso

Sample Problem

Question source

Change the following English word to a word in Spanish:






Remove ous: contagi….

Add oso: contagioso

It has the same meaning in Spanish: tending to spread from one to another.

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