Composite exponential function differentiation

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Composite exponential function differentiation


When we differentiate the composite exponential function, we want to use the product rule and the chain rule.

Sample Problem

find dy/dx


ln(y)=ln(ln(x))x take (ln) both side
ln(y)=x(ln(ln(x)) ln(a)m=m.ln(a)
d/dx(ln(y))=d/dx(x(ln(ln(x))) take derivative both side
1/y.dy/dx=x.d/dx(ln(ln(x)))+ln(ln(x)).d/dx(x) product rule
1/y.dy/dx=x.1/ln(x).1/x+ln(ln(x)).1 chain rule
1/y.dy/dx=1/ln(x)+ln(ln(x)) simplify
dy/dx=y.(1/ln(x)+ln(ln(x))) multiply by y both side
dy/dx=ln(x)x.(1/ln(x)+ln(ln(x))) substituting y

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