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Children with learning disabilities often have difficulties with comprehension. This causes them to lag behind their peers in all subject areas. Reading is so key to success in all subject areas. Setting a good foundation for reading and writing in the early years opens the door to success in later grades.

Sample Problem

Use the following information to answer the question below.

One on one teaching is beneficial in building trust with students with developmental delays. As the student forms a bond with the teacher and is able to connect visuals with words
eg. Student sees a picture of an airplane and the teacher demonstrates flying an airplane with the motion of his arm the student is then able to connect the picture with the action and this done repeatedly helps the student to remember

Developmental delays are largely responsible for preventing students in early elementary grades from experiencing success in reading comprehension, spelling and grammar.


1. Show the child a picture of an airplane and repeat several times airplane
2. Teacher stands and makes a motion with his or her arm to indicate an airplane flying. and also makes a zoom sound
3. Teacher repeats shows the picture of the airplane and again
Repeats step 2.
4. This process can be repeated with many objects so that when a students sees an airplane or any other object that was demonstrated they will quickly remember what that object is and what is does.

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