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Days of the week


What are the days of the week in Spanish, and how we use them in sentences.

Sample Problem

Question source

Use the following information to answer the question below.

Days of the week:
(Notice that the days of the week are not capitalized)








They are all masculine.

el lunes
el martes
el miércoles
el jueves
el viernes
el sábado
el domingo

Days of the week ending in -s do not change form in the plural. Only the article changes.

el lunes
los lunes

el martes
los martes

el miércoles
los miércoles

el jueves
los jueves

el viernes
los viernes

el sábado
los sábados

el domingo
los domingos

When used with the days of the week, the definite article has the special meaning “on.”

No trabajo el lunes.
I don’t work on Monday.

No trabajo los martes.
I don’t work on Tuesdays.

Hay una fiesta el miércoles.
There is a party on Wednesday.

Hay muchas fiestas los viernes.
There are many parties on Fridays.

How would you end this sentence?

I can see you on Mondays.
Te puedo ver __ ________.

en lunes

los lunes

el lunes

la lunes

los luneses


Remember that every day of the week is masculine, therefore, the definite article will be either “el” in singular or “los” in plural.

Now, when we refer to plural “on Mondays”, we respect the word “lunes”, because it does not change in plural. The same happens with the other days that end with “s” as well.

Weekdays remain the same in singular and plural.
Weekends: we add an “s” to be plural.

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