Decimals, Fractions, Percents

Pre-Algebra Tutorial

Decimals, Fractions, Percents


Teacher Proficiency/Basic Math Skills

In this exercise you are going to memorize and workout decimal, fraction, percent problems. They are all basically long division problems.

Sample Problem

1. Take a piece of paper,not your keyboard,and write out these conversions three times in a row. Memorize these common conversions, because pre-algebra is full of them.

2. The conversions in number one won’t always be written this way. That’s why you also have to know how to work them out.


1.  Fraction   Decimal     Percent
     1/100       .01         1% 
     1/10        .10        10%

     1/4         .25        25%

     1/3         .33        33%

     5/10        .50        50%
     3/4         .75        75%  

     1/1         1.0       100%

2. Students can’t memorize all fractions, so let’s see how to convert them.Long division solves every fraction conversion problem.

 Fraction       Decimal    Percent

1/16 =          
1 divided by 16  .0625

Move the decimal point
back two spaces             6.25% 

864/100 =
864 divided by 100   .864

Move the decimal point
back two spaces             86.4%

Use a calculator to check your long division.

Next tutorial, we are going to work more on percent word problems.

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