Degrees to Radians

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Degrees to Radians


A radian is an angle with its vertex at the center of a circle. In trigonometry, this maybe used as an alternative to measuring angles in degrees. To do this, you multiply the angle in degrees by pi and divide by 180.

Sample Problem

What is 60 degrees in radians?







The answer is π/3. The first step is to take the angle in degrees and multiply it by pi, which will give you 60π. The next step is to divide this quantity by 180, which would be 60π/180, and if you take a 60 out of both the numerator and denominator, you’ll be left with π/3 radians.

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  1. Archie 12/16/2017, 2:08 am Reply

    A radian is a measure of an angle. What is one radian? Why do we multiply degrees by pi and divide by 180?

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