Der bestimmte/Der unbestimmte Artikel – Definite/Indefinite articles

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Der bestimmte/Der unbestimmte Artikel - Definite/Indefinite articles


So easy for English just to use 2 articles to call something or someone: “A” and “The”. In German articles also designate masculine, feminine and neutral words or nouns. For example: A day or The day is neutral in German, so you must use the article “Das” das tag, ein tag.

Sample Problem

“A”, “The”.


So 2 categories of “Die Determinanten”:
1\ Der bestimmte Artikel: Masculine: Der (Ther)!, Feminine: Die (D)! Neutral: Das (Thas)! and plural: Die (D).
For example, zum beispel (tsoom-by-sch-peel): Der Sonn (Ther zonn), which is The sun. Die mutter (D-mootar), which is The mother. Das tag (Thas-tahg), which is The day and Die Kindern (D-keen-daern), which is The Children.
2\ Der unbestimmte artikel: Masculine: Ein (Ayn)! Feminine: Eine (Ayneh)! Neutral: Ein (Ayn)! Plural: Einen (Aynen)! For example, Zum biespiel:
Ein mann (Ayn-mahn), which is a man.
Eine frau (Ayne-Fraw), which is a woman.
Ein tisch (Ayn-teesch), which is a table.
Einen wässer(Aynen-vaessar), which is waters or some waters.

In grammar things will change much with these definite or indefinite articles. We will learn them later because they are important in writing.

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