Die Begrüssung (D-Beh-grew-sung) – Greetings

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Die Begrüssung (D-Beh-grew-sung) - Greetings


In German also, people use 3 forms of greetings:
– Familiar form used among family members, friends, colleagues…
– Simple form used to greet anyone who is neither stranger nor to familiar: Simple formal way or greeting with too much respect or too much familiarity.
– Polite form by using the last plural form of personal pronoun “Sie”.
Notice English does not have that or better yet uses the 3rd pronoun especially in royal sets or in courtrooms, French uses 2nd plural form of personal pronoun “Vous” and German uses 3rd plural form “Sie”.

Sample Problem

-Familiar way of greeting: Hallo, Was passiert?
-Simple way: Morgen
-Polite way: Guten Tag or Guten Morgen, Guten Abend, Gute Nacht.


– Familiar ways of greeting:
Hallo: (Hah-lo)! Hi or Hey!
Was passiert?: What’s up! What’s going on?
Example 1: Hallo, mein bruder! (Hah-lo, mayn-bru-dah): Hey, my brother.
Example 2: Was passiert meinen freunden? (Vahs-pah-seert maynen-froayn-deh)? What’s going on my friends?

– Simple ways: Morgen (Mhorgn)!, Guten Morgen (Guhtn-Mhorgn)!.
Example 1: Guten morgen. Es ist sehr klar heute (Guhtn-Mhorgen, Ehs-eest-khlahr-hoeteh): Morning! It’s clear today.
Example 2: Morgen, wie geht? Or Morgen, wie geht es dir? Ich bin sehr stark heute, und du? (Mhorgn, vee-gatest-deehr? Eesh-been-zayr-schtahrk-hoeteh, unt-do?): Morning , how are you? I am very strong this morning, and you?

– Polite ways: Guten Morgen (Guhtn-Mhorgen)!, Gute Nacht (Guhteh-na-ht)!, Guten Abend (Guhtn-Ahbent)!
Example 1: Guten Morgen Herr, wie gehen Sie? Sehen Sie der sonne. Es ist sehr klar (Guhtn-Mhorgen Hehhr, vee-gahayn-zee? Zahayn-zee daer zhon? Ehs eest zayr khlar). Good morning sir, how are you. Can you see the sun? It is very bright.
Example 2: Gute Nacht von meinem büro, bis bald. (Guhteh-naht-fon-maynem-bewroh, beess-bahlt). Good night since my office, later.

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