Die Familie (D-fah-mee-lee-eh) – Human relations: Part 2.

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Die Familie (D-fah-mee-lee-eh) - Human relations: Part 2.


Today we are learning how to say words that are related to a family in German. “The Family” in German is “Die Familie” (dee-fah-mee-lee-eh) with family being a feminine word. You can realize that by the “unbestimmte artikel” (Die). Do you remember?

Sample Problem

The Family, The Father, The Mother, The brother, The sister, The uncle, The aunt, The nephew, The niece, The cousin, The baby, The Child, The parents, The grand-father, The grand-mother.


Die Familie (dee-fah-mee-lee-eh): The Family.
Der vater (daer-fah-tah): The father.
Die mutter (dee-muh-tah): The mother.
Der bruder (daer-bruh-dah): The brother.
Die schwester (dee-sch-vaesch-tah): The sister.
Der onkel (daer-onh-kael): The uncle.
Die tante (dee-tanh-teh): The aunt.
Der neffe (daer-neh-feh): The nephew.
Die nichte (dee-neech-teh): The niece.
Der/Die cousin (daer/dee-kah-uhzn): The cousin (male or female).
Das baby (thas-bay-bee): The newborn.
Das kind/ Der Kleine (thas-kaynd/ daer-klayn-neh): The Child, The Little one.
Die eltern (dee-el-taern): The parents.
Der großvater (daer-gross-fah-tah): The grand-father.
Die großmutter (dee-gross-muh-tah): The grand-mother.
Der schwiegervater (daer-schvee-gah-fah-tah): The father-in-law.
Die schwiegermutter (dee-schvee-gar-muh-tah): The mother-in-law.

Use schwieger and add it to sister, brother… For ‘in-laws’.

Ok, that what you need to know about a family in German.

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