Die Monate des Jahres (D-Monah-teh daes Yah-raes) – Months of the Year.

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Die Monate des Jahres (D-Monah-teh daes Yah-raes) - Months of the Year.


Greetings. Today we are going to learn about the months of a year in German.
A month is designated by the word “monat”. Singular form you say “der monat (daer monaht) or ein monat (Ayn monaht)” the month or a month. In plural you say “die monate or einen Monate) The months or months.

Sample Problem

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.


Januar (Yah-Nuar), Februar (Fey-bruar), Mārz (Maerz), April (Ah-preel), Mai (Mah-ee), Juni (Yunee), Juli (Yulee), August (Ahu-gost), September (Zaep-taembar), Oktober (Ohk-tobar), November (Novaem-bar), December (D-tsaenbar).

Example, zum biespiel (zum-byschpeel): Was is heute? (Vurgarly speaking “what’s today)? You answer: Heute ist Mittwoch Dezember der 27, 2017 and you can write that as: Heute ist Mittwoch Dezember der sieben-und-zwanzigte zweitausendsiebenzehn or you can also write the year in 2 forms (20 hundred… Or 2 thousand… It goes: zweitausendsiebenzehn or (oder) Zwanzighundertsiebenzehn. Notice it is in one word.
Now let’s see how it sounds phonetically:
“Hoeteh eest meetvohh daer zeebn unt svantseechtey tzvy tahuzn zeebnzayn”.

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