Die Tage der Woche (D-Tageh-Ther-Vohheh) – Week days.

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Die Tage der Woche (D-Tageh-Ther-Vohheh) - Week days.


In German, the day is referred to as “Tag” and a week as “Woche”.In a grammar section I will explain the way the rules function and the nature of the words because words here and in French are either masculine or feminine. However for now, just retain that day is “Tag” and week is “Woche”. So, every here has the same ending (tag) except for Wednesday.

Sample Problem

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.


Montag (Mon-tahg)!, Dienstag (Dee-ens-tahg)!, Mittwoch (Meet-voch which means half-week or middle of week)!, Donnerstag (Donars-tag)!, Freitag (Fry-tag)!, Samstag (Zams-tag)! Sonntag (Zhohn-tag)!

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