Dividing Fractions quicker when denominators are equal

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Dividing Fractions quicker when denominators are equal


I have to divide a fraction by a fraction. Normally, I need to ‘flip’ the divisor and then multiply. Is there a quicker or easier way to do it?

Sample Problem

What if I had 20/12 divided by 15/12? Can I do this without changing the 15/12 to 12/15 and then multiplying?


If the denominators are equal, there is. Just take the dividend’s numerator over the divisor’s numerator. Then simplify.

For instance, from out problem, 20/12 divided by 15/12 becomes 20/15. Then you can simplify both numerator by dividing by 5 to get 4/3, or 1 1/3. Done!

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