Dividing Fractions


Remembering how to change a regular fraction into a long division problem can be hard, however, there are some easy tricks to help along the way! First of all, remember that the number on top, or the numerator, always goes inside (think of it like a mountain: the number on top will be colder, so it needs to go inside of the division to get warm). Then, you see how many times the denominator, or the number from the bottom of the fraction, goes into the first number of the numerator. You subtract that value from the first number. After that, you bring down the next number and put it after any value left from the subtraction. You repeat this, and once whatever is leftover is smaller than the denominator, it is called the remainder.

Sample Problem



1. 6/3 (3 goes in to 6 two times, so 2 is the first digit of the solution)
2. 6-6=0 (the first 6 is the first number of the numerator, the second is the 3*2)
3. 03/3 (the 0 is the value left from the subtraction)
4. 1 is the second digit in the answer, because 3*1=3, which is what you are subtracting from
5. 09/3 (9 is the third number of the numerator, and when you bring it down and put it behind the 0, it has a total value of 9)
6. The third number is 3, because 3 goes into 9 3 times
The answer is 213

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