In terms of the difficulty of between cell biology and ecology on the Living Environment Regents, generally, ecology questions are easier. There is energy , transferred, and stored, and it is important to know this to understand about how the biotic factors interact. There are energy pyramids, food chains, and even more complex, food webs.

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21 The sequence that best illustrates the flow of energy through an ecosystem is
(1) sunlight → plant → wolf → rabbit
(2) plant → sunlight → rabbit → wolf
(3) sunlight → plant → rabbit → wolf
(4) wolf → rabbit → plant → sunlight


It is choice 3 because sunlight has the most energy. In a food chain or a food pyramid, between plants and animals, plants have the most energy because they are the producers through photosynthesis. Then, primary consumers eat the plants, and they are herbivores oor plant-eaters. Next, the secondary consumers eat the primary consumers. As a result, the energy is transferred 10% to each level of the food pyramid and is used 90% for its actvities like growth, sleeping, or movement.

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