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The dreaded English paper and you’re waiting till the last minute. I always did. The one thing you lack in doing that is the ability to double check your work. Double checking your work will catch most of these initial errors in writing. Sometimes it could be as simple as punctuation or spelling and others could be more complicated like using a prepositional word at the end of a sentence. Prepositions are the bane of my existence on most occasions. Once they’ve made themselves a home at the end of your sentence it becomes problematic to correct. This rule however dated will be considered an error by many an English teacher and should be watched. There will be some examples that are acceptable to use a preposition at the end but the majority of the time there are better alternatives.

Sample Problem

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Examples of sentences include: “Which department is she in?” or “Whom are you yelling at?”


The simple solution could be reorganizing the sentence as in: “She is in which department?” or “At whom are you yelling?”/ “You are yelling at whom?”

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