Equations with Variables on Both Sides

Algebra 1 Tutorial

Equations with Variables on Both Sides


To solve an equation that has variables on both sides, use the Addition or Subtraction Properties of Equality to get the variable on one side of the equation.

Sample Problem

Solve 6x + 3 = 8x – 21.


6x + 3 = 8x – 21
6x + 3 -6x= 8x – 21 -6x ~Subtract 6x from both sides.
3 = 2x – 21 ~Combine like terms.
3 + 21 = 2x – 21 + 21 ~Add 21 to both sides.
24 = 2x ~Simplify.
24 / 2 = 2x / 2 ~Divide each side by 2.
x = 12 ~Simplify.

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