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Essay writing.


You have an essay assignment. How well do you creatively present it? Breathing life into your piece? Connecting more with your reader than just presenting facts.

Sample Problem

Write a short essay highlighting hope for a teenager in an increasing corrupt world.


A: Choose a captivating title.(A maximum of 6 words.)
Example: HOPE ALIVE.

B: Introductory paragraph: Creatively describe the world. Citing the challenges open to a teenager amidst the blessings of the world.
Example: More than nature, the world is bequeathed with vast beauty. Numerous cultures, abundant personalities and countless opportunities. A teenager is spoiled for choice, as to a purposeful life course. Given that money answers everything; drugs, robbery, gambling, gangs just to name but a few. Quickly choke any meaningful and gainful avenues to purposeful living.

C: The body: Reviewing the instructions, you have been asked to write a short essay. It is therefore advisable to limit your body to at least 2 or 3 paragraphs.
Offer solutions to the problems with short intriguing tales.

D: Affirm hope,as well as encourage. End your essay with a punchline.
Example: The candle though dim continues to burn. To the young reach out, the young accept to be reached. Though few, together our candles shall burn bright. Darkness overcome by light.

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