Essen (Eh-sn): Human relations – Part 4.

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Essen (Eh-sn): Human relations - Part 4.


Today we are continuing on the series “Human Relations” part 4. Humans also have relation to food. Some people like this, while other like that, but we all are related in the fact that we share a common habit: Eating. Eating in German is “Essen” as a verb. For example, you can say “Ich esse (Eesh-eh-seh) communicating “I eat”. You can also you “Essen” to designate “food”. For example: “Die essen” refersto food, eats… The same word cannot be used, if the subject is an animal. Instead the word is “fressen”. So let’s list some word.

Sample Problem

Egg, bread, pastery, chocolate, tea, sugar, water, hot water, bakery, milk, butter, pancakes, honey, cream, spoon, fork, knife, meat, potato, sweet potato, yam, salt, oil, vegetables, peanut, peanut butter, stew, fish, shrimps, lobster, cookies, rice, corn, beans, apricot, strawberry, papaya, apple, banana, coconut, cocoa, pineapple, lime, juice, drink, pepper, orange, coffee.


Das Ei (thas-ay-e): Egg.
Das Brot (thas-broht): Bread.
Das Gebäck (thas-gey-baek): Pastry.
Die Schokolade (dee-schoh-koh-lah-day): Chocolate.
Der Tee (daer-tee): Tea.
Zucker (Tsuh-kah): Sugar.
Wasser (Vah-sah): Water.
Heißes wasser (hi-ses-vah-sah): Hot water.
Die Backerei (dee-bay-k-rye): Backery.
Milch (meel-sch): Milk.
Butter (buh-tah): Butter.
Die crepe (dee-krae-poeh): Pancakes.
Honig (hoh-nee-sch): Honey.
Die creme (dee-krae-poeh): Cream.
Der Löffel (daer-lowe-fehl): Spoon.
Die Garbel (dee-gahr-bell): Fork.
Das Messer (thas-maeh-sah): Knife.
Das Fleisch (thas-flesh): Meat.
Die Kartoffel (dee-kahr-tofel): Potato.
Süßkartoffel (sews-kahr-tofel): Sweet potato.
Yamswursel (Yahm-svuhr-sell): Yaw.
Salz (Zahls): Salt.
Öl (oewl): Oil.
Die Gemüsse (dee-gey-mew-seh): Vegetables.
Erdnuss (aird-nuhs): Peanut.
Erdnussbutter (aird-nuhs-buh-dah): Peanut butter.
Die Soße (dee-soh-soeh): Sauce, stew.
Der Fisch (daer-fee-sch): Fish.
Die Garnelen (dee-gahr-nay-ln): Shrimps.
Der Hummer (daer-huh-mah): Lobster.
Der keks (daer-kay-ks): Cookie.
Der Reis (daer-ry-es): Rice.
Mais (maez): Corn.
Die Bohne (dee-boh-neh): Beans.
Aprikose (Ah-pree-kohs): Apricot.
Erdbeere (aird-bee-reh): Strawberry.
Die Papaya (dee-papah-yah): Papaya.
Der Apfel (daer-ahp-fell): Apple.
Die Banane (dee-bah-nah-neh): Banana.
Die Kokonuss (dee-koko-nuhs): Coconut.
Kakao (kah-kah-o): Cocoa.
Ananas (Ah-nah-nah): Pineapple.
Die Zitrone (dee-tsee-troh-neh): Lime.
Der Saft (daer-zah-ft): Juice.
Das Getränk (that-gey-trenk): Drink.
Pfeffer (faeh-fah): Pepper.
Orange (Oh-ranh-gey): Orange (fruit).
Der Kaffe (daer-kah-fay): Coffee.

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