Evaluating Expressions

Pre-Algebra Tutorial

Evaluating Expressions


This tutorial is going to give you some general knowledge in evaluating numerical expressions

Sample Problem

1. 21-(-2)=
2. (6+6)x3=
3. 3+(5×2)-2=


To workout these expressions, you want to first remember PEMDAS which is an acronym for Parenthasis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction. If you remember PEMDAS, you will know the order in which you work in order to solve the expression. Let’s work out the three problems above.

First what we do is we change the negative to a positive which makes the expression 21+2; and that will get you the answer of 3.

All you do for this problem is use the acronym of PEMDAS and you will see that the first step you do is P for Parenthesis. So you add 6+6 which gives you 12 and then you multiply by 3 and you get 36 as your answer.

Once again you use PEMDAS and you would first work the parenthesis (5×2) gets you 10. Next you would add 3 to that 10 (3+10) and that gets you 13, the last step you would do is to subtract 2 from 13 (13-2) and you get the difference of 11.

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