experienced elementary math tutor seeking students

Elementary Math (K-6th) Tutorial

experienced elementary math tutor seeking students


If you have a son or daughter that struggles in math, I can help. I make it fun and show them how to apply it to their interests.
I currently home school my own children in elementary school.
I don’t believe math is only for some, lets build that self confidence and watch that grade turn to an A.

Sample Problem

Can you solve these 2 questions?

16 divided by 4
4 x 4 =

can you solve these 2 questions


16 divided by 4 (hint:how many groups of four can we make out of 16)?
4×4 (hint: lets add the groups of four together) = 16

use your fingers, lets start with jazz hands – ten fingers out in front of you
lets take away 5 or 1 hand; how many fingers left
Answer – 5
see you go this!

lets try the next
back to your jazz hands 5 fingers on the right, five fingers on the left, lets count them
Answer 10
Nicely done!

Lets make math fun and applicable again, it doesn’t need to be as difficult as everyone is making it.

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English And Elementary Math Guru
A stay at home mother/wife. I home school my own children ages 9 and 7. I have an Education Assistant certificate and my EMR certificate. I enjoy helping children gain confidence and prove to themselves they can tackle all challenges put in front of them. I currently live in Lacombe Alberta. I can...
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