Expressing Literary Concepts In Writing

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Expressing Literary Concepts In Writing


A quick examination of a novel can probably uncover a sufficient amount of information for the assignment. The matter becomes entirely more complex when the novel is one among many timely course obligations. The objective then shifts to comprehension and effusive expression rather than mere identification and reiteration of themes. In this context, an efficient and compelling approach is presented for elucidation of advanced literary inquiry.

Sample Problem

What are the consequences of desire and are those consequences similar or different in men and women? Apply your interpretation to an American literary text such as The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Examine the significant aspects of the writing along with any complementary or relevant remarks. Elaborate upon the overt symbolism implicit within the fabric of the prose.


In the case of women who fall prey to the injustice of roving eyes and hands, their fate can conceivably take two very seemingly counterintuitive directions. One direction is that she may confront the scorn of public ridicule and legal rapt, along with the betrayal of the guilty partner, leaving nothing more than angelic intentions to pursue in the wake of controversy. The awful alternative is to perpetuate the role thrust upon her and quickly sink into the mire of adulterous existence without detectable or redeemable resistance. In the male perspective, desire can denigrate a reputation, if not handled responsibly and competently. It can justifiably absorb the principle and morality that keeps at bay the unrelenting demons that lurk at every bend in the alleys and byways of temptation. The town and denizens of the Hawthorne narrative, aptly through diversification of language and devices, portray the web of deceit and the inhumanity emanating from so-called innocent acts.

Nevertheless, a biblical verse in Revelation reconstitutes the novel on a more endemic note: And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations. By way of coupling, Shakespeare apportions in the play to Othello: He sups tonight with a harlotry. As such, the novel provides a semblance of resumption for both the male and female conspirators, as it were. On the feminine side, embroidery is the remedy against the onslaught of public scrutiny by harnessing the inner strength toward a more conducive and cathartic state of mind. For the masculine side, chivalrous conduct belies an essential recoil to the social labyrinth laden with dubious accusation and undue loathing: necessitating gallantry, in so doing.

The woman, the men, the child

In the midst of it all, there is the innocent child. Pearl espouses all the quirkiness of the townsfolk while simultaneously alluding to the saving grace of humanity by her mere presence, beneath her own existential turmoil, subsequent unruliness, and imminent rebelliousness.

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