Factorization (with Fortnite)

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Factorization (with Fortnite)


Imagine this scenario. So basically you’re playing Fortnite and your mom calls your name for dinner for like the third time. There are like three people left and you’ve told her for like the second or third time that you can’t pause your game. You see the fight between the other two guys and you go in for the kill, but your mom bursts into your room with her key and says your full name instead of just your name this time. She’s furious that you haven’t eaten dinner and takes pride in her cooking, so she unplugs the Xbox One and forces you to come downstairs to eat dinner. Of course, you probably won’t be able to get that far again, but in essence, your mom went from the “shortened” version of yelling your name to the “expanded” version. My mom gets angry when she repeats stuff too, so we’ll just assume that the “expanded” version is usually what you want to get to, even if it’ll make you mad.

Sample Problem

So I’ll go back to Fortnite on this example too. Say you pick up an assault rifle but it has no ammo (but it’s LIT and you keep it because it’s a gold AR). You hail your duo friend to come to you to get some medium bullets for the next fight at Loot Lake. You got your friend, we’ll call them xxxIHitTheMillyRockxxx but says he doesn’t really have ammo but he can split it since you guys both have assault rifles now. He goes into his inventory and he finds 30 bullets and wants to split it between the two of you evenly before the fight.

How many bullets do each of you get?


Here you’re probably thinking “Pfft, this is easy, the answer is 15. I learned this in elementary school, that’s just simple division.” but with algebra it gets a tad trickier when you’re adding variables or your friend has more than one assault rifle.

So say each assault rifle will take the variable ‘x’ and your friend has four ARs. Yeah, he’s pretty stupid and he wants to hold to his old commons even though he has a gold AR too. Here, we distribute the bullets evenly between the two of you (it’s not really that even as we’ll see here).

5x (because we have 5 ARs) = 30 bullets

Here, we can solve for ‘x’ real quick and we find that solution is 6 bullets. But we can use algebra to factor this as well.

We set the equation: 5x = 30 to 5x – 30 = 0 or simply 5x – 30.

To factor this, all we do is divide 5 by 30 like we did before, and set the equation to 5 (x-6) = 0 or simply 5 (x-6). This makes sense because if x equalled 6 here (that means you used all 6 of your bullets), all the guns would have no ammo.

So the factorization here for 30 = 5x is 5 (x – 6).

Follow EpicGames and play Fortnite for free! Fortnite and EpicGames do not endorse what I just said, but since this is for educational purposes, I hope this is okay.

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