Free SAT II Physics Practice Questions with Solutions

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Free SAT II Physics Practice Questions with Solutions


Sat Physics subject questions on waves and their properties, with detailed solutions, similar to the questions in the SAT test are presented.

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Hows as well it take a wave of frequency 0.2 Hz and wavelength 2 m to travel along a rope of length 4 m?

A) 2 s

B) 8 s

C) 0.8 s

D) 0.4 s

E) 10 s
What is the frequency of a pendulum that swings at the rate of 45 cycles per minute.

A) 0.75 Hz

B) 1.3 Hz

C) 45 Hz

D) 2700 Hz

E) 60 Hz
What is the wavelength of a wave of velocity 10 m/s and frequency 200 Hz?

A) 2000 m

B) 20 cm

C) 0.05 m

D) 0.05 cm

E) 5 mm
A standing wave is produced along a string of 100 cm whose ends are fixed. What is the wavelength of the wave if there are 3 nodes between the fixed ends of the string?

A) 300 cm

B) 40 cm

C) 20 cm

D) 50 cm

E) 33.3 cm
A train arriving at a station, at 40 km/hr, whistles at a frequency of 600 Hz. What frequency will you hear if you were at that station?(speed of sound in air is 340 m/s)

A) 537 Hz

B) 680 Hz

C) 600 Hz

D) 720 Hz

E) 340 Hz
The frequencies of the sound of an ambulance sirene are f1 while the ambulance is approaching a fixed point and f2 while it is moving away from the same point. If Vs is the speed of sound in air, which of the formulas below may be used to find the speed of the ambulance Va?

A) Va = Vs ( f1 / (f1 + f2) )

B) Va = Vs (f1 + f2) / (f1 – f2)

C) Va = Vs (f1 + f2) / (f1 + f2)

D) Va = Vs (f1 – f2) / (f1 + f2)

E) Va = Vs (f1/(f1 – f2))



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