French Poetry

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French Poetry


How to say some beautiful lines to your friend, your partner or your children without even speaking one word of French.

Sample Problem

First, choose one noun.
Second, use three adjectives that describe that noun.
Third, add two adverbs.
Last, make a short sentence including the noun.


For example:

grand, charmant, galant
Patiemment, doucement
Jacques, m’epatte.

Another one…

Bleu azur, étincelant, doucereux
lentement, surement
Le ciel s’envole.

Your turn to practice

1. Choose a noun__________________
2. Add 3 adjectives________________ ________________ ____________________
3. Add 2 adverbs __________________ _____________________
4. Add noun in a sentence

Choose from the list below

beau, belle, grand, petit, charmant, galant, gros, grosse, populaire, gentil, gentille, parfait, lent, rapide, patient, patiente, important importante (In french generally we simply add ‘e’ at the end of these adjective ending with t, l s to form the feminine form. There are others you just have to learn such as beau and belle etc.)


To form adverbs in French simply add -ment- at the end of the feminine form of the above adjectives. In most cases it works except for belle, charmante, petite, importante, galante, grosse)

* A noun can be from names of things to people.

Please try it, it’s fun!

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