FUNdamentals of U.S. History

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FUNdamentals of U.S. History


Is it possible to make history FUN? History can be fun and interesting if delivered in a way that the student one understands the objective and secondly is aware of the goals expected in the lesson. History is filled with dates, names and other information that a student must learn, however this can taught in such a way that a student can remember through the deliver.

Sample Problem

Here is a great example of placing a different facts with historical dates to help students learn. The Battle of Gettysburg was fought on July 1-3. Well, even as a historian I forgot the dates, however I do know it was July. but I know it was fought near a American holiday??? Yes, July 4! I think you may know where I am going. What is 1+3, yes 4. So, I can easily jog my member that the Battle of Gettysburg was fought in July then I think of the major holiday in July, play the little number game and have my dates. Now, I know most parents are thinking. Ok, great you have my child knowing July 1-3 of July, but how are they going to remember 1863. First, I did not say that there were tricks to ever date or name, but this give you and idea of different ways to make history fun or put a twist to a fact or date to assist a student that might be struggling.


Is this going to work for every student? NO, this is not a guaranteed solution, but it is something I have used while in the military and civilian sector and it has proven successful in several different scenarios. I am a patient instructor and will continue to work with each student that continues to show that they are willing to put for the effort to learn.

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