Getting Ready for Algebra

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Getting Ready for Algebra


Below are some tips that you can take starting today to prepare for your first college level math course. First, understand that you will need to take the Accuplacer test. After you are admitted contact a representative from your college or university. Usually this is a representative in the Office of Student Retention or Student Support. There are various names depending on university you attend.

Next, ask the representative if they have a study course for the accuplacer. If they do, attend all the study sessions on campus. If they do not, you can still start studying today. I recommend that you start a monthly subscription account through Aleks at The company offers several packages. I took the high school algebra readiness course, there are also higher education courses you can take. The monthly fee is $19.95. Also, look for the discounts that Aleks offers. Sometimes they will offer discounts in the month of July. I highly recommend that you begin working on your math readiness TODAY. Do not delay. In the next section, I will share some study tips.

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Math is a challenging topic but it can and will become easier through effort. Yes, you will have to work. However, there are some smart ways to study mathematics. Below, are my tried and tested methods of succeeding in your algebra course or any math course.

1. Purchase a composition book or a pack of legal pads.
2. Get some pencils (mechanical or traditional).
3. Set up your study area.
4. Reduce all distractions. (Cell phones charging in another room or on silent (not vibrate).
5. Go to the library if you cannot study at home.
6. Get a tutor for the most challenging problems.
7. STUDY. Actively read and take notes into your composition or pad.
8. Limit your study sessions to 30-35 minutes maximum and then take breaks.
9. Stay committed. I study 6 days a week and off for one.
10. Find many places to study. Take pics and practice while you are traveling.
11. Use the online course code and textbook that you purchased with your course.


You will reap the benefits of studying for your accuplacer test and math course.

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