Hiragana ( Japanese lanuguage part 2, Kanji)

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Hiragana ( Japanese lanuguage part 2, Kanji)


although Hiragana is the main language form used for the japanese launguage, there is two other sets of alphabets that may be uses, one is kanji, which is chinese characters, which is used when you use words that are not used in hiragana. kanji is used to write parts of launguage that are nouns, adjective stems,and verb stems. verb stems are used to create compound verbs. they are what you are doing. the plain affirmative of “eat” is ‘tabe’ but with a verb stem added it is, “TaberU” meaning to eat. The plain affirmative of “Speak” is “hanashi” to speak is “hanasU.”

Sample Problem

identify which word is the verb stem.







all of the others end in the letter “I”
a verb stem is created with the vowel U.

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