How To Achieve 100% Success?

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How To Achieve 100% Success?




 • Create aspiration and enthusiasm to study.

.• Expert teacher in school will create interest in student’s mind in a subject. Let him plan for that before taking class.

• Expert tutor will help students for home assignment and increase depth of knowledge in the mind of students beyond doubt to secure high score.

..Untired  and continuous work will reward the fruit.

• Work hard with planning,

• Schedule sometime to help others for the cause of education and affordable charity.When you discuss a topic, it will increase manifold the depth of knowledge.

• Destroy Egoism


Sample Problem

John does not understand how to balance a chemical equation. Then class teacher should start from the scratch citing an example from a textbook.



1) A teacher in a class could not make all students understand in-depth knowledge because of their difference in IQ. So, the teacher should start from the scratch and individual attention should be paid.
2)To help tutoring students,a tutor should assess a student about his capacity to understand a topic in a subject and tutor in a way to make him/her understand from the understanding level.
3) If a student does not understand a level of particular topic (for example :chemistry), the tutor should figure out that the student needs knowledge from the lower level. Then, the tutor should start from lower level first before the needed level.
4) When a student is capable of understanding the current level, one step higher level should be taught in problems or some questions. Then, the student will be more comfortable when homework/quiz/exam is doing.
5) A student should always possess standard textbooks for reference for any time help.
I help students with the above mentioned procedure to make a student understand and create interest in a subject. I use to find that my tutored students have started scoring 100% or close to 100% from 50% or below.
I use to suggest my tutoring students to buy textbooks useful from school to university level, apart from school books. They are happy and comfortable now. They have developed interest and enthusiasm in learning and becoming masters in Chemistry/Math/Physics.
Prof.Arassu is always ready for your tutoring needs for 100% achievement success,guidance and consultation

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    Professor Chandrasekaran, thank you for sharing your success story. It must be fascinating to speak and write in multiple languages. This tutor is willing and able to edit both informative and scholarly work, before it is printed or sent to the internet. I quietly wince or orally exclaim when I see grammatical errors from erudite writers.
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    “I JUST DON’T GET IT!”, the frustrated student replied.

    — When high school and college teachers speed through textbook units, students can quickly feel overwhelmed. A supplemental text can offer alternate approaches to understanding the problem, choosing a formula, and finding the solution.
    — Tutors can help self-motivated scholars through challenging units of study.
    — Tutors can coach kinesthetic and visual learners to adapt to traditional auditory teaching methods.
    — Tutors can empower students to become independent learners.

    Tutoring is FUNdamental
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