How to create an engaging fictional story

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How to create an engaging fictional story


Now I have gone through multiple classes in which I was tasked with creating a fictional story from scratch or based on a writing prompt. In these situations it can be daunting to come up with an idea you find will be engaging to you and to the teacher but in this easy to follow essay I will be breaking down what I believe is a good writing technique to follow and that will bring out the writer in you.

Sample Problem

As an example I was given a writing prompt over beowulf in college english. In the story of Beowulf there is a gap of 50 years from when two separate stories occur and I had to create a fictional story based on this that was interesting and captured the same values the story was portraying


I know that writing, especially to those who don’t enjoy it, can be a daunting, difficult and overall boring task however it can be made interesting and easy with a few simple steps. Before you write you must get one of the most difficult steps out of the way and that is brainstorming. This is usually what turns most people away from the joy of writing as it can be hard to come up with an idea, especially if the idea must follow guidelines as the beowulf story had too but it is a relatively easy step if you break it down into three steps

1: Identify what you would like to write about in connection to the prompt you’ve been given by your instructor

2: Create a storyline that can follow the requirements of the paper

3: Take influence from what you like to get an idea

These three steps are crucial in making a story that is both fun to write and fun for the instructor to read. I believe all of us have a writer inside of us, and the things we write about all tend to have a bit of our personality in them; bringing this out will make writing engaging, allowing you to create a good story

Back to the example, in this Beowulf prompt I was having trouble creating an idea that allowed my creativity to show and at the same time followed the required guidelines of the paper. In order to get around this I started thinking on what was happening during this time period and the things that I enjoy that is linked to it. I am an avid fan of history and of the television show “Game Of Thrones” and so with this thought in mind I devised a plot that would make it enjoyable for me to write. Which leads us to step two in this process; planning the story.

To do this I often find it is best to create a list of things you would like to happen in your story.


  1. Introduce main character’s and show they are human
  2. Introduce villain and make him easy to root against
  3. kill off 2 main character to set up conflict
  4. Initiate conflict (Mine being a war)
  5. Have the villain set up traps for our heros
  6. Have a large city siege take place that kills a few main characters to add realism and high stakes to the battle
  7. Have the villain lose and get proper comupence
  8. Through this list I have set up a clear conflict, events that will happen in the story, and how I would like the characters to be developed. This will provide a good basis for your writing and will make it easier to write as you already have an idea in your head as to what you would like to happen. Also know that none of this is set in stone, you are the creator and therefore you have full control on how you would like to shape the story.

    With this all done you have completed the pre writing and creation of your fictional story to be, this will be part 1 of 2 essays, this one handling prewriting and the next handling execution of your story. Hope you enjoyed reading this and that it has helped you and if you would like in depth help in creating and writing a story feel free to hire me. Have a good day

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