How to Get the Juices Flowing

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How to Get the Juices Flowing


Sometimes, it is difficult to think of a writing topic, and because of this, some people feel deterred from even trying. Even I have found myself wondering if my work is worth reading, but when these thoughts are introduced into my head, I simply do what I like to call a “Word Blah”. This is where you write every thought that comes into your head simply to get them out. In this activity, the writer doesn’t edit, consider the subject, or even need to make sense. All one does is write. This helps you get in the right mindset, and help you feel more motivated to write. I have also found many of my writing topics through this activity typically by one of my random thoughts spur something else. There is no pressure, and I feels grand to at least get something on paper.

Sample Problem

Write everything that comes to mind to help you develop topic ideas to write about.


I want to go to the lake. The lake is wet. So are my sleeves. I spilled coffee on them. Ouch! I don’t even drink coffee. Why is this silver mug in front of me. I think I might be dreaming, but wait. Then why did I say Ouch? I think it was just me feeling my toe. I stubbed it yesterday on the coffee table. Maybe that’s why it hurts. You know what else hurts. Skydiving without a parachute.

This is a small example of a “Word Blah”. I didn’t consider what I was going to write before hand, but now, I have some ideas for a new story. For example, I could write about my distaste of coffee or at least have a character in my story have this trait. I could also talk about the time I cracked my head open on a coffee table. This would be taking a more personal route, and could develop into a personal narrative. I could even write a story about a skydiving trip that went terribly wrong, explaining all the emotions that and thoughts that fly through one’s brain as they are falling to their death, even flashbacks to a simpler time. Come to think of it, I think that will be my next work. I feel more children should understand how to do this because I feel it is a wonderful tool that can help one find joy in writing.

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