How to Get The Most Out of Your Study Sessions

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How to Get The Most Out of Your Study Sessions


As a young elementary and high school student, I remember trying to find the best method of memorizing vocabulary. I also remember how I first tried to study: the notorious cramming method. What I like to call the cramming method, is when a student studies all of the material at once, usually within a short amount of time before the test that they’re going to be taking. This method is tedious and does not provide enough time to actually absorb and understand ALL of the material. In this tutorial, I will explain a much easier method of memorizing vocabulary, one that I still use to this day to study.

Sample Problem

An example of the Cramming Method:
You have the vocabulary words apprehensive, banish, and adversary. Your vocabulary test is the following day and you are trying to study by repeating the words and definition over and over again, either in your head or out loud.

Apprehensive: Anxious or fearful something bad is going to happen.
Banish: To send away as a punishment.
Adversary: An Opponent.
Apprehensive: Anxious or fearful something bad is going to happen.

Why doesn’t this work?
This method doesn’t work simply because the brain doesn’t retain the information. By cramming, the material is only within short-term memory, not a long-lasting connection. You may be able to recall studying that exact word or subject, but not what you need to know. Overall, the cramming method is very tedious and only allows you to retain bits and pieces of what you were focusing on!


Instead of using the cramming method to study for that vocabulary test, space out your study sessions!
Instead of trying to memorize all the information in one setting, study for 20 minutes, and take a short 5 minute break in-between. By doing this, it allows your brain time to digestthe information. It’s good to begin doing this about a week before you have to take your test. As frustrating and boring it can be beginning to study so early, it gives your brain more time to retain and remember the information you are studying!

While repeating words and their definitions in your head or out loud can work better with breaks in-between, another good study method is by using flashcards. As simple as they may be, flashcards make it easier for you to memorize the connections between the word and definition!

I hope this helped you to better your studying skills!

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