How to identify parts of a sentence

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How to identify parts of a sentence


The study of grammar can be stress-free if students know the right questions to ask when analyzing or identifying parts of a sentence. The following tutorial will provide what questions to ask to identify the parts of a basic sentence.

Sample Problem

Simon missed the bus.


All complete sentences have a subject and a verb. To identify them, always go to the verb first. This sentence contains an action verb “missed”. “Missed” is what is being done in the sentence.
To identify the subject, ask the question who or what missed and the answer is “Simo”n, which is the subject. Simon, the subject, is doing the verb, missed. This is when snickers erupt in my eighth-grade class!
The word bus is a direct object. How do we know this? Go back to the verb and ask “missed what object?” The answer is bus. The word “the” is a modifier of bus telling which one, the bus. We call “the” an adjective.
When we analyze a sentence by asking these specific questions we get the answers easily and successfully.

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