How to Impress a Teacher

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How to Impress a Teacher


As a student your main task is to pass the class, but how can you pass the class if you can’t write a simple essay? Your teacher knows that you can do the work, you are one of their best students, but when it comes to writing you freeze up. There is nothing to be scared about. Its like writing a love letter to your mate. You are putting all details into this letter to let them know how you feel. Writing is your imagination, your thoughts. No matter what topic you have, it is always easy for you to just type or write. Let the fingers go and your mind think.

Sample Problem

Many people have the problem that they are afraid of what the teacher might say. If you feel some way about your paper, make sure that you have time between the time you wrote it til the due date. This can save you the embarrassment from how others react to your paper. Always have someone review your work and give you criticism. The more you get into the habit of giving someone your rough draft, you will learn to write like a pro. You don’t need to know how to write over night but you do need to know the basics of being a writer. Never start off an essay with So, limit saying I, and , but, they. Some people will use I too often in a paragraph, which is not healthy for you or the paper.


To have a teacher look at you with excitement, and know that they are proud of you; use this knowledge I am giving you to help you get that A or B on that paper and for you to be proud of yourself.

1. pick topic

2. start an outline

3. thesis state (goes into introduction)

4. research

5. look over outline

6. start writing

7. use all the correct punctuation

8. get paper proof read

9. make changes (including spell check)

10. turn in final draft

Follow these 10 ways and your paper will always be good.

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